In the interest of keeping things interesting

Having since transitioned my Real Salt Lake-focused writing to RSL Soapbox (where, I might add, I am having a good deal of fun and writing a fair bit — perhaps you should go visit if that's what you're looking for), I thought it might be interesting to do something altogether a bit different here. Under the Crossbar has sat unmaintained for the better part of 2013, so rather than simply let it go to waste, I'm transitioning it to something altogether different.

So expect here to get scattered ramblings, thoughts and the like on soccer (or, if you'd rather, football, or some foreign spelling — futbol or fußball, maybe?) Don't expect too much, as I'll surely let you down if you do. Don't expect much if anything on Real Salt Lake. Again, that's where RSL Soapbox kicks in, and I guarantee it's more interesting than what I write here.

But if you've wondered where I've been, well — here I am. Plus, I can write in Markdown here. That's just fun.

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This is my 2nd article and is 180 words long.

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